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Kennel Prankster's is located in Southern Finland, in small country town called Pukkila .  Our small family includes me, my common-law-huspand Rami and wonderful Cairn Terriers. Our dogs are part of our small family, living and sharing the every day life with us. They bring plenty of joy to our lives! From the beginning I have been the one interested about breeding and showing. Rami just enjoys having dogs as a pets and keeps my wildest dreams in order.

We h ad our first Cairn on 1995 and I got my affix PRANKSTER'S in 1998. Our first litter was born on March 2000. I breed only one to four litters per year and usually no more than three litters to one bitch so one could call it small-scale breeding. My goal is to breed good Cairns meaning they are sound and moderate in type and movement, with good temperament, REAL CAIRNS that bring joy and happines to their families. To me breeding is something joyful and natural, a way to express my love for this wonderful breed. I take breeding seriously and I have few principals I try to follow:

HONESTY - towards puppybuyers, our breedclub and kennelclub, other breeders and mostly towards myself and this breed. I don't want to hide anything considering my dogs or my breeding. I'll base my opinions and decisions on facts and I try to learn as much as possible about this breed and breeding in general. I truly believe in co-opeartion between breeders. Together we are wiser and we can really make a difference!

RESPONSIBILITY - There isn't breeding without responsibility. As a breeder I'm responsible for our breeds well-being so I make my choices considering the whole breed, not just my dogs or my breeding. It's also my responsibility that my puppy buyers get a healthy, beautiful Cairn that brings joy and happines to their lives during many years. One of my most important responsibilities is to make sure that all my pups gets a good, loving home where they get all that care and attention  they need, and where they can live a full life. I will give my full support to puppybuyers  when ever they need me, no matter if it's good or bad. Last but not least I have to make sure that my own dogs stay in good health and condition and can live a long, good life without causing any one any harm.

CRITICISM - The general goal in breeding is to make the breed better but also preserve the original type and qualities. We can't achieve this without evaluation and criticism towards our breed, our own breeding material and the results of our breeding. So everytime I have to ask my self have I maneged to produce something better and are my dogs worth breeding? I have to be honest to myself and to my dogs, and use and study the breed standard since that's what I'm trying to achieve. I must be able to evaluate my breeding objectively and keep my goals on certain level.

* A Member of Finnish Kennel Club
* The Vice President of Finnish Cairn Terrier Club and the Chairman of  the Breedinig Committee
* A Member of Salpausselkä Dog Breeders
* A Member of The Cairn Terrier Club
* A Member of Midland Cairn Terrier Club
* Breeder as taken Breeders Basic Course and the course in  breeding counseling  by Finnish Kennel Club

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